QuickBooks Payroll Error Ps060 

QuickBooks simplifies payroll for companies of all sizes. However, faults like PS060 might affect payroll. This detailed tutorial will investigate QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060, find remedies, and provide preventative steps to maintain a smooth payroll experience.

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060:

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 may impede payroll operations for different reasons. Effective troubleshooting requires understanding these factors. Main reasons for QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060:

Old QuickBooks Version

PS060 often results from outdated QuickBooks. Intuit publishes updates, patches, and bug fixes to improve software and solve bugs. QuickBooks incompatibility with payroll upgrades might cause PS060 problems.

Incorrect QuickBooks Installation

Incomplete or damaged QuickBooks installs cause PS060. Installation pauses, partial downloads, and file corruption might cause this. QuickBooks Payroll issues result from a defective installation.

Damaged Company File

PS060 often results from QuickBooks corporate file corruption. Power outages, hardware faults, and unforeseen occurrences might cause this. A hacked corporate file may affect payroll processing along with other functions.

Inactive Payroll Subscription

QuickBooks needs a current payroll subscription for smooth processing. PS060 problems may occur during payroll processes if the subscription expires or is inactive. Subscriptions must be active to prevent interruptions.

Incorrect Service Key

Entering the wrong service key during QuickBooks payroll setup might cause PS060. The service key is essential for payroll processing, and errors might cause interruptions.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 users must understand these reasons. Finding and applying solutions to these difficulties is equally crucial to guarantee a pleasant QuickBooks payroll experience.

Solutions to QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060:

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 may frustrate users, but with the appropriate remedies, you can fix it and restart payroll processing. This thorough tutorial will cover QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 remedies to ensure a pleasant and error-free QuickBooks experience.

  1. Upgrade QuickBooks.

QuickBooks must be updated to support payroll upgrades and fix PS060. To update QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks and choose “Help” from the menu.
  • Select “Update QuickBooks.”
  • Select “Update Now” in the “Update QuickBooks” box.
  • Clear previous update downloads by checking the “Reset Update” box.
  • Download the latest updates by clicking “Get Updates”.
  • Restart QuickBooks after downloading.

This assures that QuickBooks has the newest features, bug patches, and compatibility upgrades, lowering PS060 risk.

  1. Restore QuickBooks

QuickBooks repairs or reinstalls may fix PS060 problems caused by corruption or poor installation.

  • Remove QuickBooks from your PC using the Control Panel.
  • Download the newest QuickBooks version from the official Intuit website.
  • Follow installation instructions precisely.
  • Select “Repair existing installation” during installation.

A clean and complete installation is ensured by replacing damaged or missing files.

  1. Check and Rebuild Company File

QuickBooks’ Verify and Rebuild Data application helps repair business file errors that may trigger PS060.

  • Open QuickBooks and choose “File” > “Utilities.”
  • Select “Verify Data” and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Run the “Rebuild Data” program to resolve discovered errors.

Regular data maintenance should include verifying and rebuilding the corporate file to avoid mistakes.

  1. Renewed Payroll Subscription

Payroll processing issues like PS060 might result from expired payroll subscriptions. Keep your subscription valid and current.

  • Sign in to your QuickBooks-associated Intuit account.
  • Verify your payroll subscription status.
  • Renew expired or inactive subscriptions.
  • Ensure entry of proper subscription information in QuickBooks.

Prevent payroll problems by checking and renewing your payroll subscription.

  1. Verify Service Key

A wrong service key during payroll setup might cause QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060. Check and refresh the service key.

  • Log in to your Intuit account to access payroll services.
  • Find the relevant service key for your subscription.
  • In QuickBooks, go to “Employees” > “My Payroll Service” > “Manage Service Key.”
  • Enter the right service key and click “Next.”

For smooth payroll processing, service critical correctness is essential.

  1. Internet Connection Check

QuickBooks needs a reliable internet connection to update payroll and interact with Intuit’s servers. An unstable or sluggish internet connection might cause PS060.

  • Check your internet connection stability.
  • Restart your router or modem. • Switch to a cable connection if using wireless.

QuickBooks Payroll requires a stable internet connection.

  1. Use QuickBooks Desktop Safe Mode.

QuickBooks Desktop in Safe Mode checks for third-party apps that cause PS060.

  • Close QuickBooks.
  • Hold the “Ctrl” key while double-clicking the QuickBooks icon.
  • Hold down “Ctrl” until the software launches in Safe Mode.

If QuickBooks works in Safe Mode, third-party apps or services may be to blame.

  1. Check Windows updates

Update and patch your Windows OS. Outdated operating systems might cause QuickBooks compatibility concerns.

  • Open “Settings” > “Update & Security” > “Windows Update.”
  • Install any available updates.
  • Restart the PC after updating.

Updates to QuickBooks and your operating system improve system stability.

  1. Check System Requirements

Check that your machine satisfies QuickBooks system requirements. System resource shortages or unsuitable settings might cause PS060 problems.

  • Check the QuickBooks system requirements on the Intuit website.
  • Check your computer’s specs against approved standards.
  • Upgrade hardware or alter settings to meet criteria to fix compatibility problems.
  1. Seek Professional Help

If the difficulty continues after attempting the following methods, contact QuickBooks support or a trained QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Professional help resolves complex challenges, reducing payroll processing delays.

Finally, these techniques may fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060. Preventing and fixing this problem requires updating QuickBooks, maintaining a payroll subscription, validating business file integrity, and entering service keys correctly. A systematic approach to resolving QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 can help users keep payroll processes running smoothly.


Preventing QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060:

Avoiding QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 needs proactive system maintenance, best practices, and monitoring. Preventive steps minimize the possibility of PS060 and provide a smooth and error-free QuickBooks payroll processing experience. Critical QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 prevention solutions are covered in this guide:

  1. Update QuickBooks regularly.

QuickBooks updates are essential to avoiding PS060. Update Intuit software regularly and install the newest version. Changes typically correct bugs, increase security, and solve possible difficulties, assuring compatibility with payroll changes.

  • Enable automatic QuickBooks updates for rapid alerts and installation.
  • Regularly monitor software upgrades to maintain their relevance.
  1. Maintain Data Regularly

Keeping your business file clean and verified is crucial to avoiding PS060 and other data concerns. Verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks to help find and resolve data errors.

  • Periodically run Verify Data to uncover any errors in the business file.

If errors are found, use the Rebuild Data program to fix them.

These data maintenance chores might help you spot and fix payroll processing issues before they affect them.

  1. Company File Backup

Back up your QuickBooks corporate files regularly to avoid issues. Backups protect your data in case of data corruption, device failure, or unintentional loss.

  • Enable automatic QuickBooks backups for reliable data backups.
  • Store backup data securely on an external disk or the cloud.

Recent backups give peace of mind and speed up data recovery from unexpected situations.

  1. Monitor Payroll Subscription Status

Payroll processing interruptions may be avoided by monitoring your payroll subscription. A lapsed payroll subscription might cause PS060 problems.

  • Check your Intuit account often for payroll subscription status.
  • Set reminders for subscription renewals long before expiry.

Active payroll subscription management avoids PS060 and guarantees payroll features.

  1. Record and follow installation steps

Preventing PS060 problems requires proper QuickBooks installation and configuration. The Intuit installation instructions must be followed to guarantee a clean and complete installation.

  • Record installation steps and needs.
  • Refer to official Intuit documentation for installation recommended practices.

Software installation mistakes may be avoided by following suitable processes.

  1. Train Users on Service Key Entry

QuickBooks payroll setup requires proper service key input for smooth payroll processing. Emphasize the need to input and update payroll subscription service keys.

  • Train or document the service critical input procedure.
  • Ensure accurate service key entry in QuickBooks regularly.

Users may avoid service critical input errors by highlighting their importance and assuring appropriate entry.

  1. Check System Resources and Compatibility

Check your computer’s system resources to ensure they satisfy QuickBooks’s needs. System resource shortages or unsuitable settings might cause PS060 problems.

Compare your computer’s specs to the official QuickBooks system requirements.

To satisfy suggested requirements, upgrade hardware or alter settings.

Ensure your machine can run QuickBooks to avoid compatibility difficulties and errors.

  1. Stable Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is needed for QuickBooks and Intuit’s servers to communicate. To avoid payroll processing problems, verify your internet connection often.

  • For stability, use wired connections wherever available.
  • Promptly handle internet service provider concerns.

QuickBooks Payroll runs smoothly with a steady internet connection.

  1. Get Professional Help

Professional assistance may help QuickBooks Payroll-heavy organizations avert issues. QuickBooks Pro Advisors and Intuit support professionals can advise, verify system health, and avoid difficulties.

  • Consult QuickBooks Pro Advisors regularly to evaluate system health and take preventative steps.
  • Seek expert assistance for odd be haviour or error messages.

Professional advice optimizes and avoids QuickBooks issues.

In conclusion, these precautions may significantly decrease QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 risk. QuickBooks payroll processing is smooth and error-free when users remain on top of software upgrades, data maintenance, subscription management, and system compatibility.


QuickBooks Payroll Error PS060 may slow payroll processing, but users can fix it by learning its causes and remedies. Businesses can maintain a smooth QuickBooks payroll experience by being proactive with updates, maintenance, and subscription management.