QuickBooks Payroll Error Ps058

QuickBooks Payroll streamlines company payroll. However, users may encounter various errors; one such common issue is PS058. This error typically occurs during the payroll update process and can disrupt the smooth functioning of QuickBooks Payroll. In this guide, we’ll delve into the causes, symptoms, solutions, prevention and conclude with tips to ensure a hassle-free payroll experience.


QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 can be attributed to several underlying causes, each requiring specific attention for resolution. Understanding these causes is instrumental in effectively tackling the issue. Here are the primary factors contributing to the occurrence of PS058:

  1. Corrupted Tax Table Files: The tax table files in QuickBooks Payroll contain essential data for accurate payroll calculations. When these files become corrupted due to unexpected system errors, power outages, or malware attacks, QuickBooks may encounter difficulties processing payroll updates, leading to PS058 errors.
  2. Incomplete Payroll Update: If the payroll update process is interrupted or incomplete, it can result in PS058 errors. This interruption could be caused by network issues, sudden system shutdowns, or conflicts with other applications running concurrently with the update.
  3. Outdated QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Payroll is intricately connected with the QuickBooks Desktop software. Using an outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop may create compatibility issues with the latest payroll updates. As a result, the system may generate a PS058 error when attempting to integrate new tax tables or features.
  4. Damaged Company Files: QuickBooks files may become damaged or corrupted over time, mainly if the software is used intensively or the system experiences hardware failures. Damage to these files can interfere with the proper functioning of QuickBooks Payroll updates, leading to error PS058.
  5. Issues with Payroll Subscription: An expired or inactive payroll subscription can cause PS058 errors. If the subscription details are not up to date or there are problems with the subscription service, QuickBooks may encounter difficulties processing payroll updates, resulting in the error.

Understanding these causes allows users to systematically approach the resolution of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058. By addressing each of these factors with the appropriate solutions, users can effectively eliminate the root causes of the error and restore seamless functionality to their QuickBooks Payroll system. In the following sections, we’ll explore detailed solutions to counter these causes and provide a comprehensive guide to resolving QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058.


QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 manifests through various symptoms that signal potential issues with the payroll update process. Recognizing these symptoms is crucial for users to promptly identify and address the error. Here are the critical indicators of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058:

  1. Error Messages: Users may encounter explicit error messages indicating the presence of PS058 during the payroll update. These messages typically provide insights into the nature of the error, helping users understand the issue at hand.
  2. Application Freezing or Crashing: QuickBooks may exhibit unusual behaviour, such as freezing or crashing when attempting to update payroll. This can disrupt regular operations and cause frustration for users trying to complete essential payroll tasks.
  3. Unresponsiveness of the System: The QuickBooks system may become slow, unresponsive, or exhibit delays when the PS058 error occurs. This can affect system performance and hinder users from efficiently managing payroll responsibilities.
  4. Inability to Complete Payroll Update: Users may experience consistent failures or interruptions while trying to complete the payroll update process. This could directly result from the PS058 error, preventing the successful integration of new tax tables and payroll features.
  5. Unexpected System Behavior: Users might notice unexpected behaviour in the QuickBooks Payroll module, such as discrepancies in tax calculations, missing data, or other irregularities. These anomalies can be indicative of underlying issues triggering the PS058 error.
  6. Difficulty Accessing Payroll Features: The PS058 error may impede access to specific payroll features or prevent users from executing payroll-related tasks. This limitation can disrupt the workflow and hinder the timely completion of payroll responsibilities.

Recognizing these symptoms promptly allows users to take corrective measures and address the underlying causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058. Documenting error messages, observing system behaviour, and communicating these issues to support teams or seeking guidance for efficient troubleshooting is essential. In the subsequent sections, we will explore detailed solutions to rectify these symptoms and restore the seamless functionality of QuickBooks Payroll.


QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 can be resolved through a series of systematic steps targeting the issue’s root causes. By following these solutions, users can overcome the error and ensure the smooth functioning of the payroll update process. Here’s a detailed guide on how to address QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058:

  1. Update QuickBooks Desktop: Ensure you have the newest QuickBooks Desktop. Click “Help” then “Update QuickBooks.” Install the latest updates by following the on-screen directions. A new QuickBooks version usually resolves known bugs and supports payroll changes.
  2. Repair Corrupted Files: Use the built-in QuickBooks File Doctor tool to scan and repair any damaged or corrupted company files. This tool helps identify and rectify issues that might be contributing to PS058. Download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor from the official Intuit website.
  3. Download Payroll Updates Again: If the error occurred during the payroll update, consider downloading the updates again. Go to the “Employees” menu, select “Get Payroll Updates,” and click on “Download Entire Update.” Ensure a stable internet connection during this process to prevent interruptions.
  4. Verify Payroll Subscription: Confirm that your payroll subscription is active and up to date. Navigate to the “Employees” menu, select “My Payroll Service,” and then click on “Account/Billing Information.” Ensure that your subscription details are accurate and there are no issues with the subscription service.
  5. Recreate Payroll.ini File: The payroll.ini file stores important information about your payroll setup. Deleting and recreating this file can sometimes resolve PS058 errors. To do this, navigate to the QuickBooks installation folder and locate the payroll.ini file. Delete the file, and the next time you open QuickBooks, the system will recreate it automatically.
  6. Check QuickBooks Desktop Installation: Ensure your QuickBooks Desktop installation is not damaged. Go to the “Control Panel” on your computer, select “Programs and Features,” and find QuickBooks in the list. Choose “Uninstall/Change” and then select “Repair.” This process will repair any damaged QuickBooks installation files that might be contributing to the error.
  7. Disable User Account Control (UAC): User Account Control settings on your computer may interfere with the payroll update. Temporarily disable UAC by going to the “Control Panel,” selecting “User Accounts,” and choosing “Change User Account Control Settings.” Move the slider to the lowest setting and restart your computer.
  8. Run Reboot.bat: The reboot.bat file is a batch file that can help refresh QuickBooks components. Close QuickBooks and any other open programs. Run the reboot.bat file by right-clicking it and selecting “Run as Administrator.” This process can resolve issues related to components not functioning correctly.
  9. Check Internet Explorer Settings: QuickBooks relies on Internet Explorer settings for certain operations. Ensure that your Internet Explorer settings are configured correctly. Open Internet Explorer, go to “Tools,” select “Internet Options,” and verify the security and privacy settings. Make adjustments if necessary.
  10. Consult QuickBooks Support: If the PS058 error persists despite attempting the above solutions, it’s advisable to seek assistance from QuickBooks support. Intuit’s support team can provide personalized guidance and help troubleshoot the issue based on your circumstances.

By systematically applying these solutions, users can address the factors contributing to QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058. It’s essential to approach the troubleshooting process methodically, documenting each step taken and observing the system’s response. If the error persists, consulting with QuickBooks support ensures access to expert assistance tailored to your situation.


Preventing QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 involves adopting proactive measures to ensure a stable and error-free payroll management experience. By implementing the following preventive strategies, users can minimize the risk of encountering PS058 and maintain the efficiency of their QuickBooks Payroll system:

  1. Regular Software Updates: Stay vigilant about keeping both QuickBooks Desktop and the payroll tax table current. Intuit periodically releases updates that include bug fixes, security patches, and enhancements. Regularly check for updates and install them promptly to ensure compatibility with the latest payroll features and tax tables.
  2. Backup Company Files: Regularly back up your QuickBooks company files to safeguard against potential data loss. In the event of unexpected errors, system crashes, or hardware failures, having a recent backup ensures that you can quickly restore your data without compromising payroll information.
  3. Stable Internet Connection: A stable and reliable Internet connection is crucial for seamless payroll updates. Interruptions during the update process can lead to errors like PS058. Ensure that your internet connection is robust, and avoid running other bandwidth-intensive applications during the payroll update to prevent conflicts.
  4. Monitor Payroll Subscription: Keep a close eye on your payroll subscription details. Ensure your subscription is active, and renew it on time to avoid disruptions. Regularly review subscription information through QuickBooks to confirm accuracy and prevent issues related to expired or inactive subscriptions.
  5. Consistent File Maintenance: Regularly perform file maintenance tasks to keep your QuickBooks data in optimal condition. Use tools like QuickBooks File Doctor to scan and repair damaged company files. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of encountering errors, including PS058, related to file corruption.
  6. Check System Requirements: Ensure your computer meets the system requirements for running QuickBooks Desktop. Outdated hardware or insufficient system resources can contribute to compatibility issues and errors. Review and upgrade your system to align with the software’s requirements.
  7. Security Software Configuration: Adjust your security software settings to ensure they do not interfere with QuickBooks operations. Firewalls, antivirus programs, or other security applications might block essential connections during the payroll update. Configure your security software to allow QuickBooks processes and prevent potential conflicts.
  8. Timely Resolution of Errors: Address any error messages or issues promptly. Ignoring warnings or error messages can lead to compounding problems over time. When you encounter errors, investigate and resolve them immediately to prevent cascading effects on payroll processing.
  9. Employee Training: Train employees responsible for payroll tasks on proper procedures and best practices. Educate them on the importance of following the correct steps during the payroll update process to minimize the likelihood of errors. Well-informed users contribute to a smoother and error-resistant payroll workflow.
  10. Regularly Review QuickBooks Documentation: Stay informed about QuickBooks updates, changes, and best practices by regularly reviewing official documentation provided by Intuit. This can include release notes, knowledge base articles, and user guides. Awareness of the latest information can help you adapt to changes and prevent potential issues.

Incorporating these preventive measures into your routine can significantly reduce the risk of encountering QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058. Proactive maintenance, timely updates, and a focus on best practices contribute to a more stable and efficient payroll management experience. Remember that vigilance and a commitment to preventive strategies are essential to a trouble-free QuickBooks Payroll. 


QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 can hinder efficient payroll management, but it can be effectively addressed and prevented with a proactive approach. Regular updates, file maintenance, and a vigilant eye on subscription details are essential for a seamless payroll experience. By following the solutions outlined in this guide and adopting preventive measures, users can confidently navigate the complexities of QuickBooks Payroll.

In conclusion, staying informed, being proactive, and promptly addressing issues are critical to ensuring a trouble-free QuickBooks Payroll experience.