Manage Your Account Products and Subscriptions in QuickBooks

Managing your account products and subscriptions in QuickBooks is crucial to keeping accurate financial records and ensuring you have access to the tools and services you need. You can effectively manage your account using QuickBooks because of its user-friendly design and simple tools. Step-by-step instructions on how to manage your account products and subscriptions in QuickBooks are provided in this tutorial.

Step 1: Sign in to your QuickBooks account

Visit the QuickBooks website and log in with your credentials to begin going. By registering for QuickBooks, you may quickly establish an account if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Visit the section under “Products and Subscriptions.”

Visit the Account Management page or the Billing and Subscription section after signing in. Depending on the QuickBooks version you are using, the exact location could vary. Locate the menu item or tab for adjusting your subscriptions or account options.

Step 3: Review the goods and subscriptions you currently have.

You may get a list of all the items and subscriptions connected to your account in the items and Subscriptions area. This includes the version of QuickBooks that you use, any add-ons or other features you have bought, and any other services you have a subscription to.

Review this list carefully and make sure you are aware of everything to which you are now subscribed. You may use this to determine whether any updates or adjustments need to be made.

  1. Modify or update your subscriptions and items.

Find the individual product or subscription you wish to change from the list to update or amend your current purchases. There are alternatives in QuickBooks for handling each product or subscription separately.

Click on the appropriate option after choosing the product or subscription that needs to be changed. An “Edit,” “Modify,” or “Update” button might be included here.

To make the needed adjustments, adhere to the offered prompts and instructions. Depending on the product or subscription, you may be able to alter the amount, upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, add or remove features, or alter settings.

If your membership is about to expire, QuickBooks could also provide alternatives for renewing or extending it. Remember any renewal or expiry dates to guarantee continuous access to your account’s services.

Step 5: Include new goods or services

QuickBooks provides several solutions to suit your particular requirements if you wish to add additional goods or subscriptions to your account. Your accounting software’s functionality may be improved with the help of QuickBooks’ various services and add-ons.

Look for a “Add” or “Purchase” button to explore and add new items in the Products and Subscriptions area. When you click this button, you will often be sent to a marketplace or catalog where you can peruse the alternatives.

Numerous services, including payroll administration, payment processing, inventory management, and solutions tailored to specific industries, are provided by QuickBooks. Explore these options carefully, then choose the ones that best meet your company’s needs.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the purchase or activation procedure after selecting the appropriate product or subscription. QuickBooks will guide you through each step, including submitting payment information and verifying the transaction.

Step 6: Examine the billing and payment information

QuickBooks allows you to check and manage your billing, payment information, items, and subscriptions. A summary of your billing history, payment options, and impending bills is provided in this area.

Spend some time checking the correctness of your billing information. This area often allows you to modify your billing address, add a new credit card, or amend your payment methods. To enter the essential data, QuickBooks offers fields and clear directions.

You may prevent service disruptions and maintain seamless financial transactions by keeping your billing and payment information current.

Step 7: Contact customer service if necessary.

QuickBooks provides customer support alternatives to help you if you run into problems or have particular questions about the account goods and subscriptions. Some support options include live chat, phone assistance, and an online knowledge base.

Please get in touch with QuickBooks customer service if you have any queries or worries about your account. Their skilled staff members can provide advice and support to your particular circumstance.


Simple steps may be taken in your QuickBooks account’s Account Management or Billing and Subscription sections to manage your account’s products and subscriptions. You can ensure you have access to the features and services you need and keep accurate financial records for your company by frequently checking and upgrading your goods and subscriptions.