QuickBooks Installation Error 1920

Powerful accounting software like QuickBooks enables effective financial management for companies of all sizes. However, just like any program, QuickBooks installs might have issues that cause them to fail. Error 1920 is one instance of this. We will examine the complexities of QuickBooks problem 1920 in this thorough tutorial, along with its causes, possible fixes, and thorough troubleshooting procedures to assist you in adequately installing QuickBooks without running into this problem.

Error 1920 in QuickBooks: Understanding

Users may run across the installation error number 1920 while trying to install QuickBooks. This error number denotes an issue that prohibited QuickBooks from being installed properly throughout the installation process. The error may appear for several reasons, often concerning system permissions, incompatible applications, incomplete installs, or registry problems.

QuickBooks Error 1920: Frequently Occurring Causes

  1. Inadequate User Privileges: Inadequate user privileges are one of the main reasons for Error 1920. To install QuickBooks effectively, administrator permissions are needed. The problem might happen if the person conducting the installation does not have enough administrative rights.
  2. Conflicting Software: The installation of QuickBooks may be hampered by conflicts brought on by using other programs on the system. Firewalls, security software, and other programs might inadvertently prevent the installation.
  3. Incomplete Installation: If an earlier effort to install QuickBooks fails or is incomplete, leftover data or settings from the earlier installation may cause problems during the current installation, leading to Error 1920.
  4. A damaged Windows registry: The Windows registry is where important data about program installations is kept. Issues may occur during software installation, including QuickBooks if the registry is faulty or includes incorrect entries.

Solutions and Steps for Troubleshooting:

  1. Login with an account with administrator access and choose the “Run as Administrator” option.
  • To provide the required rights, right-click on the QuickBooks installation file and choose “Run as administrator.”
  1. Temporarily deactivate Security Software: Before trying the installation, temporarily deactivate any security software, firewalls, or antivirus applications.
  • Security software may sometimes falsely identify QuickBooks components as potentially dangerous, hindering installation.
  1. Carry out a Clean Installation: 
  • Carry out a clean uninstall of QuickBooks if you believe a prior installation was flawed or corrupted.
  • To eliminate any leftovers from the previous installation, use the Intuit QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
  1. Examine the Windows Registry: 
  • Check the registry for any incorrect or damaged entries about QuickBooks using the Windows Registry Editor.
  • Before making any modifications, the register must be backed up to prevent unforeseen repercussions.
  1. Keep Windows Updated: 
  • Ensure that your Windows operating system installs the most recent patches and updates.
  • Outdated Windows versions might cause compatibility problems during program installs.

Install QuickBooks in Safe Mode: Boot your computer into Safe Mode before attempting this step.

  • Safe Mode stops third-party programs from obstructing the installation procedure.
  1. Create a New User Account: 
  • Create a new user account with administrative rights if the present user account is producing problems.
  • Log in to the new account and try to install QuickBooks there.
  1. Seek Technical help: If the measures above are unsuccessful, consider contacting QuickBooks technical help. Alternately, for knowledgeable help, speak with IT specialists who have handled QuickBooks installs.


QuickBooks Error 1920 might be a hurdle throughout the installation process, but if you know its possible causes and have the necessary tools, you can effectively overcome it. Follow the troubleshooting instructions carefully, and if you need help, ask someone with experience installing QuickBooks. You may ensure a smooth and error-free installation of QuickBooks by addressing the underlying issues and performing the essential procedures, enabling you to use its features for effective financial management in your company.